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CEO - Brandon Brennan

In starting this company there was a lot of thought as to what to do. We chose to stand up for we believe and make a difference. I was bullied in high school. Maybe not as extremely as others, but I’ve dealt with the name calling, being hit and thrown around to the point of dreading going into certain classes. At one point it was a battle that I had to deal with almost daily. Made me feel weak, like I wasn’t brave, and honestly made me feel pathetic. I still occasionally am brought down by it. There’s still nights where I think about it. Almost 6 years later. It’s tough, but I’ve come to find that I’m tougher than that and so are all of you. I’m telling this story because despite all of that, I came out stronger. Now I want to help people feel less alone by creating a brand that supports inclusion and the diversity of our world. A brand that wants to bring out the best of people and brings peace. Fed Up is about all of this. Standing up for yourself, taking care of your fellow human beings, and sharing your stories without fear. You aren’t alone and we want to make people see that. Our movement is about bringing people together and standing up to the hate and bullying. I see no color, no sexuality, no race, and no size. I see humans. I want those who follow us on this journey to see the same. Be yourselves, be you, and be Fed Up with hate.

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