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Ramil Rodriguez

“Millennials are Entitled, Selfish, and Lazy.”

We’ve heard it from every generation before us. One teenager fails to hold the door for the elderly and suddenly every young man or woman doesn’t deserve respect. It’s an echo that has the power to affect us in the workplace. For example, a better resume from a recent college graduate will be turned down over someone switching to a completely new career because of the fear that ‘the younger ones won’t take the job seriously.’

It’s the exact definition of stereotyping, only in an overlooked category of discrimination.

I encourage anyone who may fall into this way of thinking, even if by accident, to look at things from a different perspective.

2+2=4, but so does 1+3. We know how to work, we just do things differently to get to our goals. We seem selfish because we seek out a win for everyone, not just for you or me. Not everything is handed to us, we just know how to make great use of what we have. And with technology as our greatest tool, we are now in the era of accessing anyone or anything from the palm of our hands. We’re attached to our cell phones because we know how to use it well.

Lastly, and by God I mean this when I say it: We are far from lazy. I am a 22 year-old serial entrepreneur working full-time with more than three side hustles, including the operation of an online hat store that donates a portion of proceeds to charity ( On the weekends I find the time to volunteer at a local Goodwill.

Fed Up Apparel became a part of who I am because it defines what it truly means to be a millennial. It’s someone who doesn’t seek out opportunity, but instead creates it. Someone who doesn’t play by the rules of society and instead influences it for the better. Most importantly, it’s someone who refuses to accept ANY form of bullying, hate or discrimination.

My name is Ramil. I’m Fed Up and ready to fight negativity with love, peace, and positivity. ✌️

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