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Red Sun Rising

Our first major team up. We reached out to the lead singer of Red Sun Rising, Mike Protich, to send his band some merchandise and get their support towards our movement.

We picked Red Sun Rising because they are all about being yourself, being unique, and doing what you want with what you are passionate about. They like to use the term 'Thread' which also the name of their second major label album.

“Thread is basically anti-genre genre we call our musical style. Which is eclectic and doesn’t quite fit a mold and it’s also a promise to ourselves to always be ourselves and not wrote music for a specific genre. We’ll just write music we love and believe in and whatever you want to call it that’s it.

The actual term came from us utilizing our influences of different styles of music and from different eras of music and threading them together. This is why our songs vastly differ from song to song.” - Mike Protich

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