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Thomas Niepsuj

"I’m fed up with people being oppressed for just trying to find happiness in life. I’m fed up with all of the double standards, all of the hate, and all of the pettiness in the world that is just apart of everyday life. It’s almost to a point where these characteristics are now defining who we are as a species and it’s shameful. I’m fed up with people not being empathetic and being too selfish to understand what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. I’m fed up with society’s poor judgements and incapacity to be understanding of others. I’m fed up with people not addressing the big picture questions and not helping the world to make it a better place. Why can’t people love who they love, believe what they want to believe, express themselves in their own positive way without judgment and hate?"

Passion and a vision for change. Thank you Thomas for your support and input on what matters most to you!

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